Saturday, March 1, 2008

The next Michael Chang?

A young Japanese named Kei Nishikori beat an 8 year professional tennis veteran James Blake recently at the Delray Beach International Final in Florida.

Here's the big news (for non James Blake fans) .... James was the number 1 seed in the tournament and Kei wasranked 244th in the world before he won.

Here's the kicker. Kei is 18 years old.

Can Michael Chang's place in Asian tennis history not just be a fluke...?

During the past baseball All-Star game, 25% of all the media press passes issued were specifically for the media contingent from Japan, traveled halfway across the world just to cover Ichiro Suzuki.
What happens if Kei Nishikori makes it to a grand-slam semifinal??? The ATP just may have to expand their media pit.

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